Naden was first mentioned in a deed of 1107 and again in the 13thC. in the Coucher Book of Whalley Abbey. Many ruins can still be seen in the area.

Wall to the west of Naden Head

Naden Head has commanding views down the Naden Valley and over the Manchester Plain. It is sheltered by a shale bank, immediately to the west of the ruins.

Below the manor can be seen boundary walls an cultivation that probably range from medieval to more recent drainage ditches and cultivation terraces.

A survey of the area is needed to record the landscape context of Naden Head, and historic land use.

A Manor with a view
A Manor with a view

Naden Head Manor
Naden Head Manor (site of)

Naden Head From the air

See an aerial view of Naden Head  here. An old OS map of the area can be found here

Early Wall

This wall can be seen to the SW of Naden Head.

Early Wall and Ditch - Naden
Early Wall and Ditch – Naden
Boundary Wall, looking SW
Boundary Wall, looking SW


A manor house, belonging to a member of the Holt family, who even held their own court, is mentioned in the 16th C. In the 1626 Rochdale Manor Survey it is mentioned as “a capital messuage”. The manor house ruins can still be seen as well as an early boundary wall and ditch.

Extract from 1st Series OS Map of Naden Head and Naden Dean


Read more about the history of Naden here.

Naden Dean

The ruins of Naden Dean farmhouse (mentioned in the early 17th. C.) can be seen to the south of the boundary wall.

Naden Dean


United Utilities own the land and it is open access.

Thanks to English Heritage’s Al Oswald for visiting this and other sites and giving me a fascinating insight into the historic landscape of the area.


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