Good Points

Bad points

On major East west trade route Today’s communications can cover older sites
No droughts,  water for power and life Marshy land is a barrier, rain tourism not yet popular
Great for sheep, wool Dominated by monasteries
Minerals, iron coal, stone Later workings remove earlier sites
Contours and rivers make natural defensive areas No need to build big ditches and banks for archaeologists to discover
Rivers give fish, communication boundaries power Flooding and early sites covered or destroyed by later ones.
Low impact living, renewable resources Harder for the archaeologist to find
Different farming techniques land tenure Doesn’t fit  Southern England academic farming model
Adaptable population diverse activities Harder to understand and research
Large urban area and potential audience Not so attractive for archaeological researchers who like remote rural areas. Urban obscures earlier archaeology.
Less researched than other areas lots to find Less official sites and documentation for public to see.
(C) SMM 2009

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