Hades Hill cairn, NE of Whitworth, was first excavated in the 19th C. Finds from this excavation are in the museum at Touchstones, Rochdale. A second excavation took place in 1982, but was not fully published and the site was not backfilled.

Despite the involvement of Manchester University, a survey of Rooley Moor omitted to mention Hades Hill, though mentioning sites in Bury.

However a radiocarbon date has been published for Hades Hill in Barrowclough’s Prehistoric Lancashire.

Hades is slightly larger diameter,but similar in plan to Bagden Hillocks cairn,



Prehistoric Lancashire, David Barrowclough – Oxbow 2008.

Man and the Changing Landscape – Bernard Barnes, Joan Taylor, ISBN 0-906367-12-3, 1982

Burial mound gives up its history – Rochdale Observer, May 1st 1982 p.58

Lancashire archaeological bulletin – 10, 1984, 2-3 Page(s)23

Pastscape – see the online entry here.

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One thought on “Hades Hill – Revisited

  1. all this will be destroyed by coronation power when they put their rd in from landgate to crooks hill for their windfarm.

    Cllr david barnes
    dep mayor whitworth. 01706853635

    Can anyone advise me with regard to stopping the planning application by coronation power
    A n area of scientific interest or something like that.

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