Stone head, Heaton Hall Farm
Stone head, Heaton Hall Farm

This head was found over 100 years ago at Heaton Hall Farm, found by the grandmother of the present owner, David Heywood. This head has a moustache and carved “hair”.

Typical of Northern England

Stone heads are common in Lancashire and Yorkshire, they vary in quality and are even carved into drains or even gateposts as can be seen in the entrance to Rochdale museum.

Dating of these heads is problematic, as is their interpretation. “Celtic” survival, superstition or just someone’s hobby, take your pick.

Where to see them

Rochdale and Whitworth museum have a variety of stone heads, you can even buy replicas in Rochdale.

Here is one from Chethams Library in Manchester.

Head on display at Chethams

Where to see them

Many local museums have some stone heads, some on display some in store. Here are some with heads on display.

Heads on gate posts at Touchstones

Touchstones Rochdale

Whitworth Museum


Many stone heads are carved into buildings and there is even one carved in the tower of Prestwich Parish Church.

Though not of stone, there is a head carved into a beam in the Old Grammar School in Middleton.

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2 thoughts on “Stone Heads

  1. I have a carved stone head, that my dad found just at the back of Higher Wood St in Middleton and I wondered if you could tell me anything about it

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