A ‘game changer’, we are going to use a quadcopter to photograph existing, and reveal new medieval and earlier archaeological sites!

Jeff will be our pilot! He has already delivered outstanding views that show sites in a whole new light!

Where to start?

  • Get a base map of 1st series OS maps, National Library of Scotland have a fine site for this purpose.
  • Check the drift geology of the area (Geological Suvey)
  • See existing aerial photographs of areas of interest
  • Check for any old sites that are recorded but never photographed.
  • Use previously published criteria to locate special areas of interest.
  • Lidar photos may be available, check them is possible (English Heritage have some available)

Suitable Drones

Often called “quadcopters” if they have four motors, the most common format for affordable flying.

I will add to this list from time to time:

  • TBS Discovery used by guess who?!
  • DJI Phatom – a popular quadcopter for taking aerial photos
  • Quadcopters shop in UK – I have no connection with them, so for information only!

Take Off


Thanks to Jeff we have made significant discoveries, more soon!

Further Reading

Aerial Survey – English Heritage

Aerial Archaeology – BBC


Under construction…


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