The sites shown here will be researched by the Salford Hundred Heritage Society. This area clearly has many sites that have never been recorded, including a ruined manor house!

It is probably one of the least researched (as regards archaeology) parts of the British Isles, yet so close to many large urban areas.


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  1. Hi, My name is Martin Walsh and I live in Stacksteads in what was originally called Brandwood. I walk many miles over the surrounding hills and was most interested in your recent discoveries of possible Viking remains on Rooley moor. My interest centres on Rooley Moor road that passes close to the sites of your discoveries, and in its history. I have always felt that this road has some historical significance that predates both its fame as the Cotton Famine road and its significance in being one of the first Turnpike roads in 1729. I had believed that the road had been built by the Cistercians after they were granted the ‘wastes of Brendewood’ in the 12th century in order to manage the thousands of acres of land they had been given by the De’Lacy family. However, your recent discovery may point to a much older reason for the existence of a road which otherwise seems to lead to nowhere.

    1. Today the moors look bleak because they have been over grazed.

      There was a shortage of wood for charcoal in SE Lancashire by late medieval times (in Blackley for example). While the building of Birchen Holts in the 16th. C. shows that the land was worthy of settlement.

      In the warmer climate of prehistoric times, the area would have been much less marginal than it appears today. Look at the cairns and enclosures in the area that confirm prehistoric settlement.

    2. Plenty of archaeology from the mesolithic onwards and Rochdale was an early market town on a major medieval East-West trade route, between York and Chester and Dublin.

  2. Hi Stuart, I met you in the pinball/pizza joint in Söder and it is interesting indeed to check out your site. I was down at Stanton Drew around christmas and some other sites in the west country. Hope to see you around. Regards, Robert Clarke, Zinken

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